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Information submitted to, or collected from, TrueLightPublications.com will be kept confidential unless you indicate that you would like your comments posted on this website. And under no circumstance will we sell your name, address, phone number or any other personal information to any individual, organization, or ministry.


We retain sole discretion as to what information is posted at this website and are under no obligation to post any other comments at www.truelightpublications. However, we reserve the right to "edit" for clarity, brevity, and obvious errors, and we may change or omit names and places that identify specific individuals and their whereabouts so as not to infringe upon the privacy of others.


It is requested that all information submitted to TrueLightPublications.com and our affiliates via the World Wide Web, or various Mail Services does not contain any vulgar, rude, and/or offensive language or images. Comments or pictures that are not suitable for individuals of all ages, should not be submitted to this Website or any of the offices or affiliates of True Light Publications®.


If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy please contact us.


Dated: 23 Sivan 5763 / 23 June 2003

Updated: 5 May 2011 / 2 Iyyar 5771 / 17th Day of the Omer


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